These pieces have been edited by Fonderie Ilhat , Fonderie de Portonville or Fonderie de Bertalaï through the lost-wax process and each piece is signed (Sofy) and numbered from 1 to 8.


Memories of my first encounter with a leopard - Kati-kati camp - Serengeti



Wolf of the Yellowstone



The giant of the savannah.



The light going through the openings in the sculpture recalls the stripes of this lovely and peaceful animal of the African savannah.


H 40 x L 25 x D 40 cm


This grizzly mum watched our approaching inflatable boat for a long time before deciding we were not a threat to her and her cubs. She walked slowly away and  let us land on her territory.

Great Bear Rainforest - Klemtu (B.C.)


H 35 x L 30 x P 32 cm

Oki the dachshund

On commission : portrait of a young dachshund for his mistress' birthday.


H 22 x L 15 x P 15 cm

Pier 39

Sea lion from the port of San Francisco

H 21 x L 30 x P 14 cm

The bison, emblematic figure of the American Wild West.
H 13 x L 21 x P 9 cm

Montana, the cougar

In the Rocky Mountains, this formidable predator, stealthily approach its prey.



Tofino (Vancouver Island - B.C.)

Memory of a long walk on the Pacific Rim under the watch of a bald eagle.



Portrait of our dog


 (Ngorongoro - Tanzania)



When you open your lodge door in the morning and  are facing a bunch of buffalos..... Memories of Ngorongoro.





Attitude I


This horse is the first of a serie called "Attitudes"

How not to be inspired by the natural elegance of horses.



"Flying" cheetah



After carefully surveying a flock of impalas, she dashed towards her target with such an amazing speed that she seemed to be flying over the savannah...

Serengeti (Tanzania)


Kangombe, the veteran

Kunene area, Namibia


I chose to portray this old rhino, with his broken tusk and torn ear, as a tribute to his long life (was already 40 when we met).

He was named Kangombe after a Herero chef.

Simba Jike



Beautiful memory of the Serengeti where this lioness let us admire her for quite a while, wanting us to focus on her and not on her cubs well hidden in the nearby Skopje.

The king !


Relying on his power and unquestioned authority, the lion is reigning on the infinite plain of  the Serengeti.


Happy together

Hoanibe River - Namibia


Mother and infant were happily strolling along the Hoanibe River bank.

Angry boy

Doro Nawas (Namibie)


This angry male is shouting his anger as a last warning before charging.

Let's play

Doro Nawas (Namibia)


These two young elephants were playing without a care in the world, in the fading light of late afternoon in Door Nawas (Namibia).

Resting lioness

After feasting over a freshly killed young buffalo with her family,  she was resting on the trail at Ngorongoro (Tanzania)

L 11 x H 22 x P 8 cm

 Walking by the Tarangire

This is the first elephant we met in Tanzania.

While his family was bathing in the river Tarangire, he peacefully walked alone on the river bank 

Available in two different patinas

L22xH13xP7 cm

Move along !

We were too close from her family. She made it very clear we better had to move along !

Serengeti (Tanzania)


L20xH17xP10 cm

On the watch

This edition, number 1/8 has been molded and edited by myself at Stuart Roussel's  facilities.

Serengeti (Tanzania)

Stone quiet, concentrated, this cheetah was sitting by the trail, her two cubs at her side, focusing on some impalas

A while later, we were lucky enough to admire her amazing velocity when she rushed on her preys.


L18xH19xP21 cm

Total height support included 35 cm