SoPHIE GÉrault


After several years practising clay modeling with a local sculptor, I discovered the lost wax bronze process during an exciting training week and since then most of my pieces are edited  in bronze at the Fonderie Ilhatthe Fonderie de Portonville or the Fonderie Bertalaï.

My sculptures are, in fact, my travel diaries.
Just as some would write down their experiences and encounters in a travel diary, I try to materialize into clay and bronze memories of my wonderful trips throughout the wilderness of the Americas and Africa where, I enjoy so much the sumptuous beauty of nature, and the emotions provided by the encounter - in their habitat - with wild and free animals.
Very concerned by the disappearance of a great number of wild species over the recents decades, I support several organisation that are dedicated to the preservation of wildlife such as  The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a wonderful organization that's rescuing and raising orphan elephants, whose mothers had been killed by poachers, before sending them back to the wild.
During a trip to Namibia, I could also appreciate the remarkable job made by the Save The Rhino Trust NamibiaThis organisation fights very efficiently against the black rhino poaching over an immense territory in the Kunene area.
My work is also available on the ArAnimA website, where 20% of the sales made through their site are donated to various foundations dedicated to the animal protection.
So, sculpting is my passion, offering great happy moments. It reminds us also of how wildlife can be so beautiful, valuable and fragile and should be protected.
I invite you to share my passion and visit my site !