My first pieces were done with clay.

I've been lucky to benefit from the advices and encouraging comments from the sculptor Claude Cavin, who's been a great help and support over the last years.

I also produce some pieces in patinated resina.

Very soon I "specialized" in animals, but have very few pieces left of my clay work that  has been disseminated over the years.


I also do some portraits, which I find fascinating.

Since the here  below pieces, I have attended Fredange's modeling class to study the anatomy of the human head and neck.


Leopard in clay. The bronze edition will be available in the Spring.


Black sandstone




The buffalo, iconic figure of Yellowstone.


Walking the Bear

Kitasoo Xai'xais territory - Great Bear Rainforest (B.C.)


We've been "walking" this female grizzly for quite a long time, moving when she moved, stopping when she did, waiting for her to leave the path conducting to our dingy before the water was too high.

She regularly turned around, watching us, making sure we were not too close and no threat.

Quite a memory !





Pier 39

San Francisco


A memory of the sea lions of San Francisco



Fishing Black Bear

 Patinated clay


From a memorable trip to Klemtu (B.C., Canada) where in the fabulous decor of pristine wild territories, wonderfully welcomed by the Kitasoo Xai Xai first nation, we spent several days watching bears, amongst which the legendary Spirit Bear (Kermode bear).


Here a black bear was fishing salmon from a fallen trunk, feasting on proteins before the long winter.




Tis little horse is made with resina and patinated with iron powder then oxydated to get this rusty look.

Bronze edition also available.


The work achieved during the Anatomy of the Face and Neck class with the sculptor Fredange.


Now in the phase of finalization in my workshop.

Portrait of Jaro Hilbert (painter)

Patinated clay


He was my painting teacher in the 80's. A wonderful painter and very lovely man I was very fond of.


Portrait of Stuart Roussel

Black clay


He taught me the secrets of the lost-wax bronze process and became a much valued friend.