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In love with nature and wildlife, I can only feel but concerned about the depressing disappearance of 50% of the world's wildlife species in just over 40 years. Climate changes, habitat alteration, pollution, all contribute to this disappearance but too often, the influence of human beings is even more impactful as some species are victims of trophy hunting or poaching.

This is particularly the case for African elephants and rhinoceros, regularly slaughtered by poachers to fuel illegal ivory trade.


I'm supporting two very trustworthy and effective organizations that have been performing a wonderful job for years in Africa.

I also joined the ArAnima organisation that donates 20% of all sales made through their website to foundations for the preservation of animal life.


On line gallery ArAnimA

My work is available on the online gallery ArAniMA

20% of all sales are donated to some foundations for the animal life preservation

The David Sheldrick WildlifeTrust


The African elephant population has decreased by 30% in just seven years. The ivory trade and poaching are responsible. 

In Kenya, a  foundation has been struggling for decades to save orphaned elephants whose mothers were killed by poachers. Little orphans are rescued, cared for and raised until they are old enough to be independent and then go back the wilderness. It is very moving to see that, once they are adults and become a mother, the female elephant very often comes back to the farm to show their babies to the keepers who took care of them for years. They spend a few days in the farm of their youth and then go back to their free life in the savanna.

One lovely way to help this trust is to forster one little orphan, knowing the money sent is actually used to the benefit and maintenance of the elephants.


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Save the Rhino Trust Namibia

During a recent visit to Namibia, I was able to appreciate on site the wonderful work of this trust which is fighting very efficiently against the poaching of the black rhinoceros. 

These people fight quite efficiently against the black rhino poaching in the Kunene area. Again, the trackers/guides's dedication and professionalism  got me convinced to support them.



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